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SHEN Physio-Emotional Therapy®                  

For over 30 years, SHEN has been helping people heal their health, their art, their work, and their lives. 

A biofield therapy based in science, SHEN Therapy uses Qi energy (also called chi, ki and prana) to reduce pain and gently, but powerfully, dissolve emotional blocks to your healing, creativity, and well-being.  

A hands on SHEN session deeply relaxes you and lightens your heart while bringing unresolved issues to the surface. Your awareness expands, new options present themselves, and stress, grief and fear evaporate.   

SHEN is especially appreciated by those who practice mindfulness and by the highly sensitive.

SHEN is for emotional recovery, growth, and grounding.” ---Richard Pavek

SHEN Therapy is a physio-emotional de-layering process which gets to the original emotion, and releases it by applying Qi (Chi) in specific protocols which have been clinically proven to heal the effects of emotions on your body and how your emotions have been affecting the way you live your life.

“Developed in the 1970’s by Richard Pavek, SHEN therapy offers significant help with physio-emotional disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and emotional recovery following stressful life events.

Although useful for providing anyone with more personal insight, SHEN Therapy is particularly helpful for those dealing with chronic pain or bodily upset that cannot be traced to physical or biological causes, as well as clearing emotional blockages created by psychological stress or significant past trauma.  This safe, effective therapy requires a relatively brief series of sessions, somewhat longer for clients with multiple deep-seated physical and emotional disorders.

Early in developing the therapy, Mr. Pavek recognized that the chi within the biofield flows in specific patterns and realized that repressed painful emotions caused by stress or other trauma trigger an auto-contractile pain response (ACPR), causing the part of the body affected by painful emotion to contract – thus trapping the emotional pain inside the body. These contractions upset organs and glands in the body, often for many years, until the emotion is released. SHEN Therapists merge the chi flows from their hands with those of the client's chi in ways that are designed to overcome the contractions and release trapped, painful emotion.
Initially the SHEN therapist carefully questions the client about his/her current emotional state and the events that precipitated it. Unlike counselors or psychotherapists, the SHEN Therapist uses the interview not to advise or direct the client, but to determine the location of somatically held emotions and formulate an effective treatment plan. The process does not involve ‘acting out’ or hurtful interfacing with others.

The Emotion Centers
Circular flows of chi surround each of our emotional centers.  The practitioner engages these by gently placing his/her hands above and below the
client’s body so as to match the flow of the client’s chi.  Directing chi through the body in this way, the practitioner boosts the chi flow around and through the emotional centers, first to loosen the contractions, and then to free the emotions.  The therapist may direct the client to breathe in certain ways or to focus his/her awareness during this process. The process is repeated during the session until a positive emotional shift occurs and a more balanced emotional base is established.”
                                                              --Richard Pavek, developer of SHEN therapy, April 2013



SHEN: The perfect complement to all other healing therapies and inner growth practices.

Other therapies, healing modalities and personal growth practices benefit greatly when you add SHEN.  SHEN therapy enhances treatment from conventional western medicine, holistic practices, cognitive therapies, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic, etc.  SHEN is very effective at moving stuck clients with seemingly impossible blocks (impasse).  

SHEN clients experience more ease, flexibility, and improved range of motion in sports, exercise and yoga.  SHEN therapy accelerates recovery from injury, and when SHEN is given pre and post surgery, the results are significantly shorter than estimated hospital stays, a remarkably rapid recovery, and much less pain.

The experience of SHEN is exquisite. You relax fully clothed on a comfortable, padded SHEN table, while SHEN reaches below the surface and melts deeply held layers of tension, numbness and constrictive emotions trapped in your body.


 SHEN is the most gentle and blissful way to dissolve blocks I have ever encountered. It is rejuvenating, restorative, and a tremendous relief on all levels.  --Scott Kalechstein Grace, author of Teach Me How to Love


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SHEN Therapy deserves to be better known, but at present there are not many certified SHEN Therapists in America.  I am open to travel, though usually people from come to my office here in Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington to experience SHEN.  Some come the day before surgery, and arrange for me to visit them in the hospital or at their home for pre and post surgery SHEN.  Others arrange to have 3 to 5 day concentrated SHEN intensive with me, receiving 8 to 10 hours of SHEN therapy in a weekend or over a week long period. Many also choose to receive the Reconnection before or after their SHEN intensive.

My clients report positive changes and healing of chronic pain, grief, self-worth, physical disorders, personal behaviors, emotional growth, and spiritual awareness. 

People tell me that receiving SHEN therapy has changed the way they feel about themselves and how they now live their lives. They describe the insights they received during SHEN and that people and situations that used to trigger or distress them no longer do so (or do so to a much lesser degree); they are now able to respond differently, resulting in win-win scenarios; sometimes the resolutions appear quite miraculous.  (see Testimonials)

After receiving SHEN, my clients say that they find themselves achieving more and more ease in their lives, they think more clearly, they reach greater levels of comfort, former upsetting situations bother them less (or not at all) and they experience more joy and well-being in their bodies, in their relationships, and in today's world.


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