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Ayleyaell Kinder - About Me

I am the daughter of a psychologist, Sol Froshnider, and a registered nurse, Betty Esthelle, who became a psychotherapist, had a near death experience, orchestrated a spontaneous remission of her colon cancer, and developed the healing modality Body Enlightenment.

My name, Ayleyaell, is pronounced  "Ā - Lee - Elle,"  with a long A.  The name began as a humming in my bones one day during meditation in 1994.  Over the next few weeks, as I meditated, the humming grew more and more distinct until I could hear syllables. One morning, I heard 'Ayleyaell' clearly, like a bell, which resonated my whole being.   I shared my experience with one of my spiritual teachers, who told me it is the sound of my essence.  It is now my legal name. 

From childhood on, I have been fortunate to meet, be mentored by and study with some of the very best teachers in a wide range of traditions and cultures. A partial list: while living in New York, I studied at Arica Institute. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I taught for Arica and Seagull Mind Institute and practiced Tai Chi with philosopher and classical musician Fred Lehrman, and other senior students of Professor Cheng Man Ching.  Returning to New York, I became a graduate of Ilana Rubenfeld's very first training in Rubenfeld Synergy (then called Gestalt Synergy).  I have done advanced training with Dr. Eric Pearl and offer The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing.   I've walked the high Sierras and studied flower essences with Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski, the founders of the Flower Essence Society,  rebirthed with Leonard Orr at Walden and at Campbell Hot Springs, was initiated into Magnified Healing by Lady Master Asha Madhawan, and breathed and prayed the ho'oponopono with Sondra Ray.   

I've traveled twice to China with my Sifu, Taoist Master Share K. Lew and his wife, Juanita Lew.  I served on the Board of Trustees of the International SHEN Therapy Association (ISTA), and I trained and was ordained in the Temple Beautiful.  I was initiated and trained in Reiki by Dan Lingel in the Ananda Rei Reiki traditon. I am an alumni of The Ascended Masters Foundation of the New Times. I was introduced by a client to the teachings of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha (“Love melts all Blockages.”)

From 1989 to 2015, I offered service in San Diego as well as traveled. In November of 2015, I relocated to the Pacific Northwest and am now based in the Portland Oregon - Vancouver Washington area. Here, I use the trained, refined Qi circulating from my heart and hands combined with mindful awareness to relax tension, relieve stress and heal impactions from life's experiences in the clients who come to me.   I offer co-creative healing to adults and children, assisting those who may be floundering to release physical and emotional pain, recover their Self and reconnect to their Spirit.  I facilitate recovery from traumas such as surgery, car accidents, emotional abuse, ritual abuse, and incest.   I also work with animals, helping them to relax, release and thrive. I continue to discover ways and means to love and to actualize human potential, and I dedicate myself to co-creating well-being in all life and living. 

I welcome inquiries and am happy to answer what questions I can to see if working with me is right for you at this time.  I especially enjoy working with other professionals and invite them to enjoy the experience of my table and to refer clients who would benefit from somatic relaxation and release.
In loving service,

Music: Enya, "Song of the Sandman" (Lullaby)